MCH Leadership & Legacy CoP

In July 2011 at the 4th annual University of Illinois at Chicago Maternal and Child Health Leadership Retreat:  Leadership, Legacy, and Community:  A Retreat to Advance MCH Scholarship and Practice, the participants developed the first ever MCH Leadership and Legacy Community of Practice (CoP)!  Participants included a wide range of interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary students and professionals in the public, not-for-profit, and academic settings.

The purpose of this CoP is to support the leadership and professional development of community members. We engage in and develop events, meetings, workshops, trainings that are both valuable to the members and resonant with their professional development needs.  We are currently focused on ‘leading across the generations,’ ‘self-care,’ ‘leveraging differences,’ and ‘leading with authenticity.’ Click here to review the entire CoP agenda.

We welcome new members at any time!  To become a member of this community, please: 1)  join Public Health Connect 2) search for the MCH Leadership and Legacy Community 3) request to be added as a member


Working Groups
The CoP created small working groups to address the top four learning agenda items. These working groups are an opportunity to explore what each of the topics means to the MCH workforce and identify ways to enhance our professional development in that particular area.   We currently have working groups to address self care and authenticity.


CoP Meetings
The CoP meets 3-4 times a year by phone to discuss the CoP agenda items. The previous conference call focused on ‘Leading Across the Generations.’  Click here  to listen to a recording of that call.  The next call is on May 15, 2012 at 3pm and will focus on authenticity.



For additional information or questions please contact Kris Risley at or 312.996.2875.


CoP: Shared Concern and Passion + Group Interaction=Dynamic Leadership


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  1. My superviosr has sought volunteers among the MCH Nurses in order to distribute staff among partnering committees and workgroups as representing the MCH perspective. We’re trying to identify staff strengths & weaknesses and gaps in staff talent. We’ve always paired new staff with other staff members to share different styles & strengths in how our work is accomplished.

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